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10mm Primer ?

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Posted Jan. 04 2015 - 04:32 PM

Hello all new to the site, Have been reloading for 30+ years,I usually don't stray from normal reloading practices but this seems (to me) not far off. I have been given about 250 large pistol magnum primers and was thinking that I could just back off my normal (10gr Blue Dot) 10mm pinking load .5 gr and use them for pinking loads. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

#2 OFFLINE   The_Shadow


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Posted Jan. 10 2015 - 02:29 PM

The Blue Dot will like the Magnum primers just fine, I use 10.0 grains of BD with my cast 200 grain and 10.5 gr of BD under the HORNADY 200 gr XTP @ 1200 fps for each from my S&W1006 with 22 lbs recoil spring and G-20SF factory bbl with 22 lbs recoil spring.


Best of luck with yours but you should be fine! :)


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Posted Jan. 17 2015 - 06:38 PM

As I remember The load for AA#9 uses the magnum primer.  This was my buddies powder of choice.  He also had a tendency to be, lets say, frugal.  He would load them with the Large Pistol not the large Large Pistol Magnum.  The velocities would not hit the levels in the book, which was why he liked the AA#9.  The velocities in the book showed higher velocity than the Blue Dot, but without the magnum primer it couldn't beat the hot loads of Blue dot, that we  chronied.

#4 OFFLINE   Old Navy

Old Navy

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Posted Jul. 02 2015 - 07:19 AM

Yes Vee-Kay is quite right, #9 is best with magnum primer, but so are several other powders. I have used both LP magnum and large rifle primers in 10mm quite a bit with excellent results, only real problem with LR primers is the harder hit required for detonation but I never had that problem with any of the magnum or LR primers including the 50 I loaded with LR Magnum primers. But none of these loads were hot PD loads just target/plinking loads so they were not loaded hot. Found most of this out due to the shortage we were in at the time. I have been using SR magnum primers in 357 and SR primers in my 38 Super loads that I shoot more the 357 or 10mm combined.

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Posted Jul. 08 2015 - 09:30 AM

Old Navy, while a Large rifle primers can be shoved into a large pistol primer pocket, the large rifle primer is too tall/long and will stick up too high.  That can lead to out of battery ammo or slam fire situations.  However small pistol and small rifle are the same length.




#6 OFFLINE   Old Navy

Old Navy

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Posted Jul. 08 2015 - 10:13 AM

Well I guess that shows quality of Remington brass I was using, they were perfect fit for the factory TC target ammo. Normally I only use Starline brass, but have bought some of the Rem at a sale because they were NP and almost as cheap as I could reload. 


I hand prime and always know when I have high primers because they either drag coming out of the primer tool or just won't come out, and I hate having that happening cause it worry's me that I'll pop one in my face. Also have some loaded in 44 magnum that hasn't been shot yet and they be perfect once fired by me reloaded Remington brass and no high primers. Now we are only talking a few thousandths so maybe reaming pocket was cause, got me wondering now. 

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Posted Jun. 20 2016 - 08:32 PM

I just use Winchester Large Pistol Primers, which are supposedly good for either regular or magnum loads. But I do not usually run max loads because I have never found the most accurate loads near a max, so I don't worry much about I may overpressure them.


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Posted Feb. 05 2017 - 03:59 PM

My understanding is that there was a time when there were no "magnum" primers.

I do believe that due to the obamashortage,...darn near everyone in the country used any primer in any place it would fit...and they found out it worked. There have been articles written on using magnum primers only (with rifle) and skipping "normal' altogether.  They were very convincing.  The champion rifle target shooters seem to say you want the least primer possible THAT WILL STILL IGNITE THE LOAD... They say they get a smaller deviation that way.  I guess primers are not near as consistent as handloads are..So you want to keep the primer out of the equation if possible (if you are a competition target shooter).


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