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I shouldn't have, but I did...

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Posted Nov. 15 2017 - 09:19 PM

It's called a Browning Hi-Power, methinks.
Don't forget the pics.
You know you want one.
Skip the 9mm .45.
The Hi Power was John Moses' improvement on the 1911. 
It's too bad he did not get to finish it himself, but I think he did a pretty damn good job. 
I went through a period where I always wanted lots of ammo,
As my age went up, the number of rounds I carried went down. (Not too bright) 
Mob violence seems to be more common these days,
I'm a decent pistol shot, but I would not like 10 rounds to handle 4 or 5 guys or more who either want my stuff, or just want to beat the white privilege out of me. 
Our society is becoming more base, and if you have not noticed, a lot of these animals seem to travel in packs. 
More ammo is mo better, IMHO. 
Browning. Trust me. 

1911 style.

What's this highpower you speak of?

Purpose should drive the Purchase......
The "one shot group". A way to save time, money and barrel life!

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