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Safariland Comp 1 speed loaders.

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Posted Jan. 15 2018 - 05:37 PM

Got to the range today and put a few rounds down the pipe. Used the loaders off the bench and they work pretty darn good. My only issue is the rounds would not drop into the dirty cylinder and needed a push with your fingers. I am going to have to figure out what to do there as there is no speed to speed loaders if you have to help the rounds along. 


The SP101 functioned 100% with the 9# hammer spring and the 8# trigger return spring. Double action was smooth as butter. I developed a training scar with this revolver when I first got it years ago and was using full house 158g 357 magnum loads. I can get one hell of a push anticipating recoil. I tried a new two handed grip on the gun that returns the gun to the target after each shot much better than my old grip would. I got brave and shot a bunch of full house 357's and was amazed at how well this new grip hold works for me. I was shooting my 6" bouncy ball at 50 feet and doing pretty good on it and had it back to 60 feet by the end of the shooting the mud kept it from rolling too far. 


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