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  1. And for the third flipping time... Where is the link to the set? I only see a lower at the link above.
  2. Flesh Wound

    Armory 2 theme???

    Yes he's seeing the mobile view.
  3. Flesh Wound

    Midway can kiss my...

    Midway fills these boxes themselves. This was not Starline packaging. If it was Starline packaging I'd bet they'd Starline would have sent me a replacement for the shortage.
  4. Flesh Wound

    Armory 2 theme???

    I'm still on A2. It's working fine for me. A1 went stupid on me earlier in the week.
  5. Flesh Wound

    New gun parts bill

  6. Flesh Wound

    Midway can kiss my...

    Yup. I'd be happy to post the email I got from them..... Shameful. I had some issues with them and their awful packing some time ago. I stopped shopping there because of that. I even raised this to Mr. Potterfield's office. Apparently they just don't care anymore. I'll put everything back in a box (packed better than it was shipped to me) and return all of the order. F. Them.
  7. Flesh Wound

    Midway can kiss my...

    I ordered a box of 50 pieces of brass from Midway. One piece was missing. Rather than send me the missing piece they refunded my card the value of one case. I need 50 cases. If I wanted 49 cases that is what I would have bought. Cheap assbags. I am done with them. Between their expensive shipping, crap packaging and now this I'm done. I've basically told them they either send me my brass or they are getting the entire order back. Everything I ordered. That is not how you do customer service. I am furious.
  8. Flesh Wound

    The First Look of the New John Hancock.

    This rifle:
  9. Flesh Wound

    The First Look of the New John Hancock.

    None of his pics ever seem to work.
  10. That right there. All of it. Well said Mi Amigo!
  11. Flesh Wound

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning from North Texas!
  12. Sold some stuff today. I sold my Marlin 30A levergun. I realized it had not been out of the safe in at least 4 years. Time for a new loving home. A nice elderly Marine Corp. vet came 90 miles to buy it. I didn't gripe when he offered me $25 less than I was asking. Also sold a box of old ammo I found in my safe. Another $20 in the bucket. So in with the new. This money goes back into my Emergency Fund as I borrowed a bit to buy the components to build my 6.5 Creedmoor upper for the PA-10. After nearly three weeks of waiting I called and politely explained to the dealer my stuff had best ship today or else a refund will be required. Not going to post names yet. I want to see if they follow through like they said they would. I've realized that I'm just an ATM. Money in. Money out. Fees taken somewhere. Not left here. Now I also realized with this spiffy new upper I'll need to swap out the ALG trigger in the PA-10 for a shiny new Rise RA-140 I still have in my parts stash.... And I need to buy a brake... it never ends. But it's a good game to be in.
  13. Not to sound too cold here, but, consider this. The AR-15 design has been around for something like 60 years. If this were a real problem there would have been a solution many years ago. It's good to see folks thinking about how to make things better/safer etc. But I think this one is not a good or needed idea. Keep trying though. You may hit on a winner!
  14. Flesh Wound

    Bullet Swap Thread

    Sold the 30A today. Sent you a PM.