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New FsN and PS90-P90 Springs.

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EA FsN Heavy Duty 20 pound Recoil Spring.


This spring replaces your worn out or under powered 18 pound factory spring.











Elite Ammunition Heavy Duty Magazine Springs

Our FsN and PS90/P90 magazine springs are 20% stronger then factory and are made of a higher grade of wire.


FsN Spring








It is very important to make sure at step 3 to make sure you squeeze in the sides of the mag body. It you don't and just force off the base you will damage or sheer off the tabs on the mag body that lock the base in place. With there tabs damaged you will have issues with the base staying on and in place.







PS90/P90 Spring










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I got 3 of the PS90 springs. They are exactly as billed. I have factory 50 rnd mags. I loaded up the mags for a couple of weeks to season the springs and then unloaded and reloaded. In a NEW PS90 mag, it is always tight getting the last rounds in. I was disappointed however in the FN factory springs, as I was unloading the last few rounds "fell out" of the magazine rather weakly. I am sure it is enough to feed the carbine, given the way it feeds*. But Elites springs ARE much stronger. Same situation. The last rounds pops out with authority. I'd say these springs are a cheap way to get the most out of your magazine.






*the bullet is nearly a straight line into the barrel. so the spring isn't as critical as a spring in a 9mm or 45 magazine.

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