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Legal in CA?

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Hello all. Thanks in advance for the input. I was wondering if I purchased an upper with 14.5" barrel with permanently attached flash suppressor (total length 16.1")


*Edited - Thanks chaoticmind for pointing that part put. Yes a flash suppressor permanently attached.

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I'm assuming by suppressor you mean a flash hider. As long it is pinned or welded, yes it's legal.


Basically what he said....also...

I was told it's best to have it be pinned and welded just to be certain your compliant, not either or. (but to each his own) Sometimes a pin or weak weld alone can be snapped if you take a wrench to the flash hider.

Basically: shimed, installed/aligned, drilled, a pin put in, then the pin welded in.

then grind/sand it smooth and paint. done good to go :)

And also the 16.1 inches not 16 is safer, just so there's no question. But you have to find the right spot to start the measurement from at receiver end also.

Its never simple.

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Or you could buy a "California Legal" barrel from a reputable supplier.

The barrel length requirements are federal. California has it's own of course, (there's never been a federal program that California hasn't felt the need to duplicate :sad: ) but the 16" minimum applies throughout the US. Anything shorter requires a tax stamp.

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Just having that barrel doesn't make you legal or not. Google California Assault Rifle Flow Chart and you will find what you need.

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