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Best Ranges in Orange County

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OutKast has it right, angeles shooting range is the best one around. On target Sux and are range Nazis (you have to pay$20 and take a "rifle class" to get a rifle card inable to shoot your rifle in their indoor range). Iron sights in ocean side is a indoor range, but you don't need no stinkin rifle card.


Best bet, Drive out to BLM land in barstow or lake elsinore and shoot outdoors. Can't shoot steel core in CA and there are bunch of other lame restrictions. Check it out for yourself. http://www.blm.gov/ca/st/en/fo/elcentro/recreation/shooting.html

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Whats the best range for me to take my AR in Orange county? im near Irvine.


Its a bit of a hike but Azusa canyon has an outdoor range thats awesome. They even let you rent out your own spot and you can rapid fire.


If you don't need a long range setup I got to Field Time 3 in Stanton since they allow indoor rifles. Its only a 25yd range if your into that. Its probably the closest one. There are also some 100 yard ranges near San Diego that are indoors.


We are in Irvine too! Nice to see a fellow shooter on here.

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I used to shoot at the end of Lytle creek road. Take the 91fwy east, to the 15fwy north, exit Lytle creek road making a left at the bottom of the off ramp.

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