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DIY Case Annealer

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Decided to put together a quick case annealer to play with.


If you are interested just look up Skip's case annealer plans. You can add a feed drum and proximity sensor for a mostly automatic annealer. I myself do not like the idea of leaving a flame unattended in my reloading room.


I have plans to mount the torch to the case the next time I see a hose attachment in the store.


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Very cool!

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NO flame induction annealer , inexpensive build it your self . 1K watt low voltage induction board Ebay .




Water pump and some type of water tank , bucket or drinking dispenser for a tank which holds water for circulating through copper induction coils .






Now a suitable variable power supply




An a little explanation on circuits ( which are already done for you ) and HOW it all works ...



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