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Flesh Wound

My BHW 6 x 6.8 Build

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Over the holidays I took advantage of the big sale at the BHW mothership and bought an 18 inch, mid gas 1-8 twist, 6 x 6.8 tube. After some heavy anticipation I finally have the barrel in hand.


I've given it a once over and a good degreasing with carb cleaner all looks great. After squaring up the end of the receiver at the barrel interface I've assembled this onto a stripped upper I've had on-hand for a job like this.


Add a mid-length gas tube and free float handguard and I've rounded out the upper for testing. I'll be swapping this onto a 6.8 carbine to run my tests.


For now I'm going to leave off the flash hider as once tested if no issues found I'll be cold bluing. If fail... back to BHW.

Now that it's assembled, first things first. A check for max OAL on the 58 grain V-Max pills I bought just for this occasion.


Next stop is ammo. I have a set of the custom Hornady dies from the group buy as well as pills and brass.


Thanks (so far) to the folks at Columbia River Arms as well as both midwestpredator and GLShooter for the dies and wealth of knowledge with these wildcats.


Pics, range reports and more later.

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Ok, I've got my OAL gauge out and I'm getting 1.816" to the rifling with a 58 grain V-Max pill. I'm ASSuming a 10 thou shorter OAL for starters?

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