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Union grove (a little south of Milwaukee)

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Nice place to shoot. About 10 or so rifle lanes. About the same for pistol. Varying ranges from a few yards for pistol work to 100yds for rifle. Range officers did they are expanding to 200 yds. They have their rules but nothing over the top. $30 will let a non member shoot the entire day. Sounds expensive but compared to the other offerings (which isnt much) is pretty cheap, as other, indoor ranges can be upwards of $20/hr for a 25 yd indoor range. Kids under 17 are free to shoot. Heck, you can even go take a lunch break and come back and not have to pay again. Thinking I want to join. $180 the first year, $130 after that. Again, for this SE Wisconsin, NE Illinois, that is an outstanding bargain.

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McMiller Sportsmans Center Between Eagle and Palmyra Wisconsin has another nice range for Rifle, Pistol Shotgun.

{{Thought to myself....}}
Wonder if they kept the archery lanes

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