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My Harley Gets a Makeover

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Not much to add there. I put the same tires on it that I've been running for the last four seasons. I mean I got the damn is that like new feel but no real change other than wow I got tread again. My choice wasn't as varied as yours unless I went totally away from a tire not really designed for the bike. It was Dunlop American Elite or Michelin Commander IIs and I went with damn the cost rather have the extra grip for this upcoming trip. Next set, on a fixed income, it'll probably be the Commander IIs unless someone else comes out with a specific model tire, which is a possibility. Like I posted, the Rushmores have a lot more lean than the older Harley Tour bikes which the older bikes would have a larger tire selection while I would probably have to give up some of that lean, which is not good for someone who rides 90% of the time in Mountain Twisties. I'm literally at the Dragon 2-3 times a week.


Not surprised at all at your discovery. Seeing the 5s were specifically designed for sports touring bikes, I would anticipate that difference. Its back to that how much time in the lean thing. Good news is if you really like them for the type riding you do, then you should get more miles out of this set than the last. A pure sports tire would be softer for the grip and designed for more lean.


What you just told me in that post though was you really know your bike.



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