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Home Defense Course Reedsburg WI

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This is a Pre-Requisite for our Tactical Entry Course & Advanced Home Defense Course that will be offered in 2007


September 30 - October 1

0800hrs - 1700hrs


Location: Driftless Rifle Club Reedsburg WI


Cost: $250 (Early Registration $200)


This 2-day course is based on what to do if having to protect yourself and your loved ones while at home when faced with a prowler, stranger at your door, intruder, and home invasions. Students will learn skills and tactics based on using the shotgun and handgun in these types of situations. There will be a ballistics lecture and demonstration on what handguns & shotguns will do and not do so students can make an educated decision on what is optimum for their situation. Day-2 will have some force on force scenario based training where students will be put into situations and employ their knowledge & skills of what they have just learned.



*Fundamental Operator Skills of Handguns & Shotguns

*Weapon Selection

*Legal Issues

*Home Preparation, Alarms, Deterants, etc

*Ballistics Lecture & Demonstration

*Family Issues & Dealing with Kids

*Safe Rooms & Hunkering Down

*Escape & Retreat

*Basic Building Searching

*Issues of Home Invasion, Burglary, Prowlers, Dealing with Strangers, etc

*Law Enforcement Response

*Force on Force Scenario Based Training



Shotgun (sling recommended)

200rds birdshot (whimpy is better)

20 buckshot

20 slugs

Handgun with Holster & 3 mags

400rds pistol ammunition

Eye & Ear Protection



Greg Sullivan "Sully"

Chief Instructor

SLR15 Rifles


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Guest plovelace

Will you be offering this course again? I would be very interested in attending.

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